Creating a Shipment

Creating a Shipment

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1. Go to

2. Using the provided login information login to DPD Shipper.

3. Open shipments screen.

4. Click on “New Shipment order” button. 


5. In “Recipient” section fill in all the mandatory fields *Name, Street, Building number, ZIP, City, E-mail or phone number)

6. In “Base data” section select Product DPD Freeze or FRESH. (Additionally, you can select “Additional services” too)

7. In “Parcels” section set the needed parcel count for selected ‘Product’. Input the ‘Weight’ of the parcel. (If weight and parcel dimensions are the same you can check the checkbox ‘All parcels have the same dimensions’)

    7.1. ‘References’ are optional selection.

    7.2. If the selected product is ‘FRESH’ you need to input, the product ‘Expiration date’ and ‘Storage temperature’.

8. Click “Save”. The created shipment will be displayed in the “Shipments” screen.

    8.1. You can click ‘Save & New’ if you want to create another shipment. Or you can click ‘Print & New’ if you want to print label for created shipment and make a new shipment.

9. In “Shipments” screen select shipment using the check box and click ‘Print labels for selected shipments’



You can print the shipment protocol using the button ‘Daily procedure’ and by clicking ‘Protocols’ for all shipments for which the label is printed the protocol will be printed.

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