Importing Shipments and Receivers

Importing Shipments and Receivers


This requires a valid import profile, which we will will help you creat. More documentation to follow soon


Shipment import

1. Login in on DPD Shipper using your credentials.

2. In ''Shipments section'' select <Import shipment orders>. 

3.  Locate and select import file on your computer.

4. Select <Import>

5. Close the window.

6. Refresh page to see newly imported shipments.


Receiver import

1. Login to your DPD Shipper account.

2. Go to "Recipients" screen

3. Click on "Import recipients"

4. Click on "Select file..."

5. Choose your recipient import file.

6. Click on "Import"

7. After the import has been successfully completed you can close the "Import recipients" screen.