Go to Settings screen.

Open Print settings.


  • Paper size for labels printing- Choose A4 or A6 paper size. The Default label size is A6.
  • Choose the printer paper size (A4 or A6). If you choose A4 you can set the default print position in A4 paper print start position.
  • If you want that DPD Shipper remembers print position, check Remember last A4 print position. If you want manually select print position, check Show label position dialog when position is not remembered.
  • Print note on labels- Prints notes on the label. For example, if there are notes made in Sender note on the label, those will be shown on the label.
  • Sender note on the label- Sender can make default note which will be shown on the label.
  • Sender note is before address- If checked it will show sender note before the address.
  • Part of labels to be printed larger - If there is a need for some text to be larger and in bold you can set it with this option. 


Click Save.


Submitted by CustomerIT on Mon, 02/08/2021 - 15:21