Basic Settings

Basic settings


Go to Settings screen.

Click on Basic


  • Default product  The chosen product will automatically be set as a default product when creating new shipment or importing shipment without product.
  • All parcels have same dimensions If all parcel dimensions the same for all shipments you can check this.
  • Default parcel width(cm);Default Parcel height(cm);Default parcel length(cm); Default parcel weight(kg) You can enter default values if all shipments are the same weight, length, width and height.
  • Default shipment note This is a default note for all parcels.
  • All parcels have the same references If this is checked then all parcels will have the same reference information added to them.
  • Number of shipment references and Number of parcel references Defines how many references it is possible to add to parcel or shipment.
  • Default parcel reference 1 and Default parcel reference 2  You can write the default parcel reference which will be added to parcels.
  • Default sender HMRC number You can set default HMRC number.
  • Free parcel numbers expiration warning limit You can set when to show a warning that parcel range at the limit.
  • Default recipient language You can select the default recipient language.
  • Minimal characters count for recipient’s search To search for recipient how many characters you need to write so that search would start.
  • Return to shipment list after saving  When you create a new shipment in Shipments screen and save the shipment you are returned back to Shipments screen.
  • Return to recipient list after saving When you go to Recipients screen and create new recipient, after saving you are returned to Recipients screen.
  • Add/update recipient data after order save When you create a new order, the recipient will be automatically saved to your address book.


Click Save when you have set settings accordingly to your needs.

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