Creating a Shipment

Creating a Shipment

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1. Go to

2. Log in using your given login and password.

3. Open the Shipments  screen


4. Click in the top menu on New Shipping Order


5. In the  Receiver section, you fill in the mandatory fields (Name, street, house number, zipcode, city and country)

6. In the  Base Data you can select either DPD Fresh or DPD Freeze


7. In the Parcels section, you can insert how many parcels this shipment will contain.

  • Enter the Weight. If all parcels within this shipment have the same weight, you can select All parcels have the same references.
  • References are a free and optional field. This can contain your own reference such as an order or invoice number.
  • If you're using DPD Fresh you will also have to mention the Storage Temperature as well as Expiration Date


8. Click on Save to save your shipment. It will now appear in your shipment list. You can also opt to click Save & New which will save the shipment and immediately open a new screen to insert a new shipment. Print & New does the same, except that it directly prints the label(s) too.


9. In case your shipment wasn't printed yet, you can select it in your list and click on  Print Labels for selected shipments


At the end of the day, you can execute an End of Day procedure. Instruction for that can be found here

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