B2C Predict Shipment

For DPD B2C Predict, you have to add the <predict> segment in the <productandservicedata> section. Please note this page described B2C Predict. B2B Predict is almost identical, but has a key difference explained here.

<predict> has a few child segments that must be included:

  • <channel>: the type of Predict you wish to send. Using value 1 will send an email, value 3 an SMS.
  • <value>: the email address or portable phone number the message must be sent to. Obviously, use a valid email address if the channel is 1 and a valid phone number if the channel is 3. 
    Note: phone number must be in format +<countrycode>#<rest of the number> so if the number is for example 0032479123456, use value +32#479123456
  • <language>: The language in which the Predict message should be sent in ISO639-1 format: FR, NL, EN, etc. Keep in mind that while BE is a correct country code, BE as a language doesn't exist. It should be one of the country languages or EN.
  • Attention: Use the exact same e-mail address/phone number for DPD Home shipment in the recipient segment as in the predict segment.
  • channel 1 is only for email and channel 3 only for SMS. No Predict will be sent if you try to use an email address with channel 3 or a phone number with channel 1.

For Predict shipments, depending on the type of message you want to send (which is precised in the <channel> segment), you will have to include the email or phone number in either <phone> or <email> field under the <receiver> segment.

Sample call


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ns="http://dpd.com/common/service/types/Authentication/2.0" xmlns:ns1="http://dpd.com/common/service/types/ShipmentService/3.3">
                  <name1>Sender NV</name1>
                  <name2>Jan Jansens</name2>
                  <street>Egide Walschaertsstraat 20</street>
                  <name1>Receivers LTD</name1>
                  <street>Receiverstreet 5</street>
               <customerReferenceNumber1>Box 1234</customerReferenceNumber1>


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