Important rules for address details

There are a few rules that imperatively need to be taken into account when making a shipment with DPD to ensure proper and timely delivery. These rules need to be taken into account for both the label and the EDI. Please review these rules thorougly. Failure to take these rules into account, could result in delayed or wrong deliveries.


Rules for address details

  • The Street names,whether they're from the receiver or sender, must be valid. The rule of thumb is that if the street can be found in Google Maps, it's safe to use.
  • House numbers or building numbers are mandatory. They can either be included in the Street field, or they can be used in the field especially assigned for them. (RSTREET and/or RHOUSENO)
  • The receiver street name must always be mentioned in the RSTREET field
  • The zip code must be valid and recognized by our routing database. If the zipcode/country/service code combination doesn't yield any result from our routing database, it's not permitted to use that combination. Please refer to our short guide to look up correct postcodes and refer to the Wikipedia page for the correct Alpha 2 ISO and Numeric country codes.
  • The zipcode you're using must match the city name. Please verify that you're not using the right zipcode with the wrong city name or the wrong zipcode with the right city name.
  • If the parcel is addressed to a company, the company name must be included in the Name field
  • If the parcel is addressed to a specific person within a company, both the company name and the person's name must be included. 
  • If the parcel is addressed to a private person, it must be the name visible on the doorbell. For example, a problem that would typically occur with self-employed consignees: they order a parcel on the name of their company and have it delivered at their home address. In this case, it's important that the name mentioned on the doorbell of the home address is also mentioned on the label. 
Submitted by Dirk-Jan Dirix on Mon, 07/20/2020 - 09:36