Sendcloud Plug-in


Sendcloud Plug-in


As a DPD Customer you can choose to integrate your DPD shipment and parcel tracking services with a Sendcloud plug-in if you don't find your desired solution among our own DPD plug-in's. DPD will activate your API credentials upon signing of the contract (or provide them if you are already a DPD Customer). You can then fill in these required values in your installed Sendcloud plug-in and you are good to start!

Please keep in mind that this Webservice connection via Sendcloud and our online platform DPD Shipper Online ( are two separate systems. Shipments made in the Sendcloud environment will not be visible in DPD Shipper Online and vice-versa.

Sendcloud offers a range of web shop integrations. Uploading your DPD contract into the plug-in will require a paid plan, the free Sendcloud offer does not apply to DPD contractual shipping. Several options are available depending on the volume you expect to handle.

By uploading your DPD contract into the Sendcloud plug-in, you can assure yourself of DPD quality and services on an operational and customer care level while using the Sendcloud platform in the front and backend of your web shop. In this case Sendcloud offers its software as a service (SaaS)***


This Sendcloud solution offers:

  • Your integrated DPD contract and quotes used for your activities into the plug-in of your choice.
  • Full DPD shipping functionality, operational and customer care service
  • Support on the plug-in in case of updates and errors in the web shop framework (please consult Sendcloud terms & conditions)

Please however take into account:

  • A service fee will be requested by Sendcloud for use of the plug-in.  
  • DPD activates and provides your contract credentials to be able to start your activities with Sendcloud, you need to enter them by yourself.
  • IT Support to your web shop plug-in is offered by Sendcloud and not by DPD, but we do work closely in case of issues possibly concerning wrong credentials.


If you have any questions on how your contract terms would apply, please contact


*** : ! Attention ! The solution described above is not to be confused with the free Sendcloud integration where you become a customer of Sendcloud and buy your shipping labels from Sendcloud instead of directly from DPD. That option is also viable if you desire, but it will not allow your own DPD contract quotes to be used. Also, for customer service you will be dependant on Sendcloud and will not be able to contact DPD directly.



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