Daily procedure

After creating your shipping labels, it is necessary to go through the daily procedure. This is to guarantee smooth sorting and delivery.
For the daily procedure for shipments, click on "Daily procedure".


In the popup window that opens you will see the following buttons:

  • Labels - Print all labels that have not been printed before, this function is especially useful if you print 4 labels on an A4.
  • Protocols - Generates a shipmentlist for your records AND sends the data of your shipments to DPD
  • Mark all Collection Requests as ready for export - Forward your CR requests to DPD
  • Acceptance protocol history - Provides an overview of previously printed protocols


By clicking on "Protocols" you send the details of your shipments to DPD, please always perform this step after creating shipments.
Doing this will change the shipments color to gray. You can use the legend below to check the status of the shipments:

  • Red / In preparation - Shipment has been registered but the labels have not yet been printed.
  • Blue / Labels printed - Shipments labels were printed but the data was not yet sent to DPD
  • Green / Prepared for delivery - The protocols are printed and the data is transferred
  • Gray / Order sent - The data has arrived at DPD


Submitted by Dirk-Jan Dirix on Mon, 03/04/2019 - 08:51