Request a pickup

To request a pickup of parcels you need to create a pickup order.
To do this you click on "Pickup orders" on the left hand side of the screen


Then, you click on the plus-sing (+) next to "one time pickup orders".

In the next screen you have the possibility to chose a pickupdate and number of parcels. 
Attention! You can only request one pickup per date, so try to make sure you enter the right amount of parcels.


If all information is entered you need to click on "Next" on the bottom of the page, and after verifying everything on "Save".
After saving the pickuporder you will return to the overview of all your requests. The state indicates if the order is confirmed or not.



If you don't see your pickuporder in the list there probably is a filter active. Click on the red X to remove all filters.

Submitted by CustomerIT on Fri, 04/05/2019 - 07:49