How to look up a correct zipcode for DPD shipments

To find a valid zipcode that our routing database would recognize, please surf to

You should see a search field that allows you to search for a city and even a street if you want to be precise. For example, Ijzerenleen in Mechelen, Belgium:


Most frequent problems with routing validation

- Make sure that you don't include unofficial prefixes. For example, zipcodes of Luxembourg or Belgium are 4 digits. No prefixes such as L- or B- should be included.

- Try using the zipcode without dashes or spaces if there are any. Zipcodes in Portugal are a typical example of this as DPD only recognizes them without dash. 

- Verify whether or not DPD delivers to that destination with the Service you selected. You can verify this with

- Some islands, even though they're dependencies from a mainland country, have their own ISO country code. Non-exhaustive list is:

- For Ireland, the rule is quite simple: all shipments to Dublin must use service code 1 and for all other locations in Ireland, no matter how remote, the service code is 2

Submitted by Dirk-Jan Dirix on Fri, 06/19/2020 - 10:42