Activating the plug-in



Getting started with DPD & Sendcloud


The technical support of Sendcloud applies at all time. We will however try to describe the necessary steps to onboard from a DPD perspective.


  • Activate your Sendcloud account. Subscribe to the website with an e-mail address and password. Confirm the subscription mail.


  • Log in go to the 'General>Account' section to fill in your details.




  • Go to the 'General>Plans' section and choose you preferred plan.
  • Please note: the DPD plug-in will not work with the free plan. You can start by a trial.



  • Choose the plug-in corresponding to your needs and install it into your web shop. If you have a web developer, please hand it over to their responsibility. If you run into any issue installing the plugin, please contact Sendcloud support. DPD Customer IT will not be able to help you.




  • Choose your payment preferences you intend to use with Sendcloud




  • Activate DPD as a carrier, Go to the second tab 'My Contracts' and submit the credentials given to you by DPD




  • Configure the rest of your settings, such as 'Printing', 'Addresses' and 'Track & Trace'. In case of any doubts, please consult the Sendcloud Help Center.






Submitted by CustomerIT on Mon, 02/15/2021 - 12:38