Importing shipments and recipients

DPD Shipper enables you to import shipments, collection requests and receivers.

This allows you to process a whole lot of data in a fast way.
For example, you can load the address file from other software into DPD Shipper, or you can create hundreds of shipments at once.

You can import from an excel file, a csv file or a txt file.
Fields in csv or txt files must be separated with pipe (|) or semicolon (;) and the encoding must be UTF-8, Windows 1252 or Windows 1250 and a header line is recommended.

To successfully import you must:

Create a valid import file
The import file contains all information about the shipments; where should be sent, with which product, how many packages and how heavy they are, ...

Create import profile
With an import profile you can "map" the columns in your file with the fields in DPD Shipper.

Create transformation
With a transformation you can transform data from your file into data that Shipper can interpret.
For example: If you have countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, ... in your database, you can convert them to BE, NL, ...


Submitted by Dirk-Jan Dirix on Fri, 03/08/2019 - 10:31